New Year, New Blog New Beginning

January 2, 2013 Leave a comment

My recent announcement to shift my blog to facebook community had received numerous objections from my very loyal readers.

Thanks for following me in years that have past and we all had learnt a lot from one another. A lot have been done over the years in this blog and the wealth of knowledge in this blog had benefited thousands of like minded friends. I regain a lot of motivation from you and your support had encouraged me to restart on writing more articles.

I have decided to start clean and fresh again, with a new blog:

We shall build this new blog again and hopefully this will grow bigger than this blog!

See you guys there!

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Follow us on Facebook

December 29, 2012 Leave a comment

In the recent times, I have been on lots of business trips and unable to catch up on gardening. Finally dust had settled and I can afford more time for this 🙂

Looks like blog here may not be the best way for interaction and has been an obstacle for me to conduct and coordinate gardening talks. I am shifting the new posts and events organizing to Facebook.

Join us at Dream n Grow it @ Facebook! Just to thank everyone for their support all these years, like and join us at Facebook page before Jan 11, 2013 and you will be entitled to receive my upcoming gardening ebook for free! Register with us by email at after you have joined and liked our facebook page!

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Let’s start another workshop session (March weekends)

February 11, 2012 Leave a comment

I recently conducted a few talks for a few organizations and had received interest in having more talks and workshops. I was pretty motivated with the strong response from them and decided to organize another gardening talk for everyone.

Many have also given feedback that they are unable to round up 15 people to start a workshop session. So I will hope to fix the date and place of the workshop, and those who are available can apply. You can apply by emailing me @

Ideal dates will be on Saturdays afternoons, possible location will be at Hortpark.

Anyway, I will consolidate the applications and update over here!

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My Herb Article in Magazine

February 11, 2012 1 comment

Recently I wrote an article for a local magazine, Simply Hers, on herb gardening. The article featured easy to grow herbs and useful in the kitchen. The journalist who had interviewed me was thrilled and excited about herb gardening and even thinking to start her own garden!



As the magazine’s mainstream readers are ladies, I roped in my gardening friend to talked more about herb gardening, in a feminine perspective.. Haha! The journalist was amazed of the wide range of culinary herbs which can survive in our tropical climate!

Now on Facebook!

January 12, 2012 Leave a comment

Recently I added a Talks & Workshops page on Facebook. I had many requests asking to form a gardening talk around 20 members and many can’t gather enough enthusiasts to start. So I hope this page will provide an alternative platform for such coordination. Everyone can express their interests, and also decide the venue for the talks.


I will also add photos and tips every now and then, not a lot of words but bite size chunks that will help in your everyday gardening! See you there!

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Terrarium Workshop

January 8, 2012 Leave a comment

I have recently conducted a Terrarium workshop for my colleagues and it has proved to be fun and enriching. Everyone was so satisfied with their creations and wanted more of such workshops in the future!

The workshop started with an in-depth understanding of terrariums and how everything is put together. I went on to talk about the different potting mixes to be used, to selecting and arranging plants. These knowledge are important to maintain a terrarium and definitely equipped you the right skills to create terrariums of any sizes!



The highlight of the workshop is the hands-ons session! I have also gathered the necessary materials for all participants and guided them step by step, to create a simple terrarium. Some who are more creative and adventurous, even tried their own design and they looks really good!

It was an enjoyable session, as there were lots of interaction among one another. Not only it is to learn something new, in fact it also helps in team building too!

I am planning to open up this workshop to anyone who are interested in making terrariums. Just gather a small group (not more than 10) and we can arrange something. I will provide the materials needed and everyone will walk home with their own terrarium!

Another Pitcher Plant Project

December 24, 2011 Leave a comment

My craze over Nepenthes is back after having success with African violets in the office! That prompted me to order some pitcher plants from Borneo Exotics, through my old time friend. Nepenthes ampullaria has always been my favourites as their squat round pitchers are just too cute!

Amp-1 Amp-2

Nepenthes ampullaria ‘Harlequin’ (L), Nepenthes ampullaria ‘Lime Twist’

I have made orders for Nepenthes ampullaria ‘Lime Twist’, which bears red speckled pitchers with green peristome, and also Nepenthes ‘Harlequin’ (‘William’s Red x ‘Harlequin’), similar but red peristome. I am definitely surprised  that the plants delivered are much bigger and healthier!


As they are shipped without potting media, I have potted them into a round glass dish filled with pumice and topped with sphagnum moss. The setup was pretty fast and simple, but the end product is simply amazing! As they are grown in office environment, the wet sphagnum moss will supplement the necessary humidity for them to grow well.

Indeed, it’s a showpiece in the office with my colleagues crowding around and asking questions. I took the opportunity to share knowledge with them and some are even interested to grow! This is definitely gratifying moment to me that I have sparked interest in many of them!

Idea for pitcher plants!

December 17, 2011 Leave a comment

Many woul think that tropical pitcher plants, Nepenthes, may not be the best candidate to beautify your home. Well, just a bit of gardening skills and being adventurous, they can make good houseplants too!

The previous post I worte was about Borneo Exotics’ Biodome, a plastic container with sponge, provides the necessary growing conditions for them to grow well in different settings and environments. However, they may not be aesthetically pleasant, so they can be removed and potted in glass bowls. With decorative terrarium materials, I have managed to create something close to their natural habitat.


With pumice and pebbles as potting media at the bottom, which will served as the reservoir for the attached wick which came together with the biodome. All I need to do is to set the plant together with the sponge collar and top up with pumice and pebbles, making sure that the wick is able to reach into the pool of reservoir. Viola! its done!.


The glass bowl will act just like the biodome, trapping the much needed humidity and at the same time allowing adequate sunlight to reach the plant. It’s been a week, and looks like the pitcher plant looks happy!

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Biodome, another gardening innovation

December 10, 2011 Leave a comment

                        IMG_1895     IMG_1896 

Many of us may have heard about wick watering, where there is a wick coming out from the bottom of the pot to a reservoir of water. The water is then drawn up to the pot when the soil is dry. It was a hit within my gardeners specifically in growing African violets. We improved the design quite a bit to make the entire system last longer and better. Check out my previous entries for that!

  As I am also a carnivorous plant enthusiast, I was quite amazed that our long time dealer, Borneo Exotics, made wick watering system for tropical pitcher plants! It was named Biodome, after its dome shaped lid with an opening at the top. The pitcher plant is sitting in a small pot with a sponge collar around it, which absorb the excess water and provide humidity. The dome actually helps to contain and maintain the relative humidity in the dome, which is extremely helpful since providing humidity is always a challenge in gardening.


There is a also a wick that leads to the water reservoir, this will mean that you need not worry about watering it everyday! All you need to do is to top up the reservoir by pouring it into the sponge through the dome opening. This actually reduces the chances of the plant dying from root rot, fairly common cause of death in growing pitcher plants.

The only downside about this is that there is too much plastic around the plant. It does not look natural, and it resembles kind of take away lunch boxes! Well, you can easily decorate it with some stuff, but I will be trying out something else.. Stay tuned, I will share it in the next post!

Gardens by the Bay – Preview!

November 21, 2011 Leave a comment


Many would know that Singapore has a big garden project underway and more recently two glass structures can be spotted right opposite of the Singapore Flyer. That’s right! Gardens by the Bay is a massive project which took several years to complete. The highlights are the two giant cool houses and its signature ‘Supertrees’ structures where creepers and bromeliads provide the lush greenery over its metal structures.

 GB_2011-19 GB_2011-21

With the 20th World Orchid Convention event in Marina Bay Sands, visitors are entitled preview passes to one of the new coolhouses at Gardens by the Bay, which is conveniently connected to one of Singapore’s two integrated resorts. Flower Dome and Cloud Forest were the names given to the two coolhouses. Flower Dome, which was opened for the preview, provides a cool-dry environment, was home to the Mediterranean and semi arid plants, such as colourful Geraniums and tall date palms and Baobab trees.

GB_2011-20 GB_2011-25

While there were permanent plants in the Flower Dome, there is a big area sufficient to hold world class flower shows and displays, which will mean that more spectacular temperate plants can be showcased in tropical Singapore!

The entire setting changed in the evenings at the coolhouse. Coloured lights light up the area, provides a whole new experience of exploring plants. There were also dimmer  corners and can be as romantic where you can stay in dim, cool ambience overlooking the Singapore Flyer and the Marina Bay waterfront!


The Gardens by the Bay will be officially opened in June 2012, where you can visit the coolhouses again and not forgetting the awesome outdoor grounds around the super trees!