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A Community Garden…

In the recent years, more and more residents in my area began to start gardening. I could see more and more plants were placed along the corridors at almost every floor!

There is even an unofficial community garden just below my block. Although I did not see who is in charge of that garden, but the area is very well maintained. You can see rows of planting beds, fruit trees and vegetables.


It was converted into a garden after the planted shrubs and trees dried up and the area looks barren and a big eyesore. But now, the garden is attracting lots of attention. There is a nearby primary school and during the dismissal time, parents and students will walk past the garden and many of them would stop and look at the garden. Parents took the opportunity to introduce these vegetables and fruit trees to their children.

IMG_0404 IMG_0405

A wide variety of edible and medicinal plants are grown in the garden. There are cabbage, spinach, guava trees, papaya trees, mint, Indian borage and even ginger!



There are also benches in the garden and in night time the garden is lit up by a couple of lamps, I could see couples chatting in the garden! What a small romantic place in the estate!

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