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Flowering Tree

There was a small “monsoon” period here in Singapore two weeks ago.  The weather was very extreme, heavy rain in the morning and sunny in the afternoon. The temperature difference between these periods was very wide! Many of my plants were “sulking” due to the lack of light and irregular watering.

   IMG_0408 IMG_0409

Although my plants did not like the weather, but some trees along the road and in my carpark started to flower! Syzygium campanulatum, a common roadside tree which its young leaves have a red and yellow colouration.


Their flowers were small and clustered together to form a hemispherical shape. They were white in colour and the petals were fine like needles. They also gave out a pleasant smell. Flowers were formed over the entire tree and from far, you could see the tree was covered with “snow”!

The flower lasted for about five days and started to turn brown. I have yet found any fruits on the tree and was wondering how the fruits will look like.

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