Miniature Sinningias

I received a miniature sinningia, ‘Little Wood Nymph’, from a member in March. They are miniature because they reach a mature size with only 3 inches across! One of the smallest flowering houseplant in the world, they come in hundreds of variants and hybrids. The flowers are elongated and gradually open up like a trumpet.


Like African Violets, their leaves are hairy and also bear some darker stripes. The leaves grow in a rosette from the tuber under the ground. They are also extremely hardy! They can withstand drought conditions or flooded conditions for days, so I called them “never-say-die” plants!

IMG_0520 IMG_0519

My ‘Little Wood Nymph’ only started flowering a few weeks ago. Perhaps they only grow flowers when they are root bound, meaning their roots are bounded within their pots. Bigger pots mean it will prefer to grow roots and leaves instead of flowering. When I first got the plant, I repot it from its 2-inch pot to a 4-inch pot and they grew a lot of leaves over the past 6 months! They are now around 3-inch wide and producing big leaves.


They are easy to take care and not fussy with their growing conditions. Partial sunlight or bright light and daily watering are good enough for them. Even when you see them shedding all their leaves and left with stumps, don’t think they are dead! They are acclimatising to the environment and will regrow within a few days.

Unfortunately, these plants are “collectors’ edition” as they are not available in any local nurseries. If you are keen to get one of these beautiful plants, you can order them from overseas nurseries.

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