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Istana Grounds

Selamat Hari Raya!! Today is a public holiday and the Istana opened its grounds to the public. I took this chance to see the magnificent trees and beautiful plants in the Istana.


There were huge rain trees, which provide shelter from the hot sun and these trees are very old. You can find many epiphytes growing on them. Staghorn Ferns, Bird’s Nest ferns are some of them. Under these trees were other shade loving plants like other ferns and small shrubs.

The open fields were nicely mowed and it was a great place for children to play about. The compound also included a nine-hole golf course! The scenery was so beautiful and you wouldn’t think that you are in Singapore!

I was amazed with the variety of trees in the Istana grounds. Some of these trees are so old that they were around when this place was built almost 200 years ago!!

IMG_0539 IMG_0534

There was one tree that caught my attention. The Ironwood Tree (Mesua ferrea), which have elongated leaves and beautiful flowers. Young leaves are red in colour and gradually turn green as they grow. The flowers were white and yellow in the centre, which reminded me of the Frangipani (Plumeria). Flower buds look like lollipops!     

                 IMG_0561 IMG_0566

                 IMG_0564 IMG_0563

The Istana Open House is a great place for family outings and gatherings. There are a lot more to see and you will be amazed by the surreal environment right in the middle of the business district!

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