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Blooms along our roadside…

Roads here in Singapore are lined with a wide variety of plants. They serve mainly three purposes, to beautify and improve the aesthetics along our roads, reduce air and noise pollution and also provide shade. These plants come in wide range of colours, from pink and orange bougainvillea to lush green rain trees.


Some plants are grown for their colourful foliage, like the Cordyline Fruiticosa ‘Pink’. These plants can be found around overhead bridges, pedestrians walkways and in carparks. Also commonly known as ‘Firebrand’, they add to the colour contrast of the green environment as their leaves are dark red in colour and they seldom flower.


I was lucky to spot one of them flowering in my university carpark! I was so delighted that I pulled out my mobile phone and snapped photos of it! Their white flowers are small and arranged in layers around the stalk. The flower spike is around 30 centimeters long.

I will still keep a lookout on them if they are any fruits developing on this plant. I am extremely excited to see one of these roadside foliages blooming! Too bad I did not bring along my camera along, so I have to take these photos with my mobile phone. Roadside plants are always full of surprises!!

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