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Nepenthes ‘Gardentech’

Borneo Exotics ‘ Nepenthes ‘Gardentech’ is a hybrid between Nepenthes Ampullaria and Nepenthes Ventricosa. This lowland tropical pitcher plant is named after a gardening and horticulture event in Singapore. The pitchers are bright red in colour and they grow real fast!


Just like any lowland Nepenthes,  they prefer high humidity and bright light conditions. Most gardeners grow them under full sun, in order to bring out the red colouration to the fullest. They may start out as a slow growing plant, but once they acclimatised to the growing conditions, they put out a new leaf almost every week!

IMG_0590 Initially I wasn’t keen to grow this hybrid as I collect Nepenthes species only. But the shape and colour of the pitchers attracted me. The pitchers of a mature plant do not resemble the ‘hourglass’ shape of N.Ventricosa nor the “plump” N. Ampullaria. They are more of a box-like shape, just like an upright rectangular box.

I got mine during the recent Singapore Garden Festival. As my place do not have direct sunlight, the pitchers are “half-green, half-red”. The sun facing side of the pitchers are red and the rest are green! This really means that you need full sun to colour up the pitchers.

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