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Fruiting Tree!

Remember the post on “Flowering Tree”? The same tree (Syzygium Campanulatum) I blog about recently, started to fruit a few weeks ago! The unripen fruits are conical in shape and green in colour. Only after a few weeks, the fruit then turn red in colour and they look like delicious berries!

IMG_0588 IMG_0587

After I saw the flowers fade away a few weeks ago, I was rather disappointed as there were no sign of fruiting on the tree. The green ovaries remained small over a few days and I thought they will not grow anymore ad would dry out soon. I was rather surprised to see those ovaries still remain on the tree when I walked past it not long ago. Some of these ovaries grew larger and some start to turn pink!

IMAG0021 I was delighted and pulled out my camera to snap photos of these developing fruits! Most of these fruits are red in colour  and rounder in shape when I took the pictures this morning. Some of these fruits have purple specks on it! They certainly look delicious.

I guess these fruits are usually food for birds and their seeds can be propagated when the birds leave their droppings somewhere else. Another thing I notice today is that the tree stop producing new leaves. Young leaves are red and yellow in colour but now the tree is totally green.

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