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Ying and Yang

Have you heard of Ying Yang Beans?


Phaseolus vulgaris, Ying Yang Beans comes from a small bush bean plant. The seeds have distinctive black or brown patches around the seed and they look like the Taoism Ying Yang symbol. I have seen the black and white ying yang beans which was featured in the celebrity gardener, Wilson’s blog!

                      IMG_0617    IMG_0618

They are easy to grow and edible too. The unripe seed pods can be harvested to be consume just like the french beans you find in the supermarket! These seed pods are much shorter than the rest of the species like the french beans or the pearl beans. They do not climb very high unlike other vining plants and they flower in a month after I germinated the seeds!


These characteristics make ying yang beans a good candidate to grow in flats, they basically need partial full sunlight and high humidity. They can be grown in pots, I personally grow them in 10 inch pots. As they are short vining plants you can consider getting the 3-ring  vine support from Daiso to prop them up!

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