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Singapore Latest Reservoir

On 31st October, Singapore added a new reservoir into her water catchment reserves. The opening of the Marina Barrage was held in the evening with the beautiful Singapore skyline as the background. The place was neatly designed, which resembles the Beijing’s Bird’s Nest oval architecture.


The special feature of the barrage building is its green roof. Spiraling from ground level to 3rd level are patches of lush green grass! With water feature in the middle, it is a good place to relax. You also have a breathtaking, full panoramic view of the Singapore city skyline!

IMG_0648 IMG_0656

I was there during the opening and the launch of Clean & Green Singapore 2008, where my Green Culture Singapore Administrator, Mr Wilson Wong, received the Community-in-Bloom Ambassador Award from PM Lee Hsien Loong. Exhibition of clean energy recycling campaigns was held there by various schools and organisations.

IMG_0658 IMG_0677

When the Barrage was officially opened, the gates of the barrage opened and water gushed out into the open sea. The view was so majestic but terrifying too! The Marina Barrage is new place to visit and serve as a visitor centre as well as a garden. In the next few years, the new Gardens By the Bay will be right beside the Marina Barrage!

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