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"Children Only" Garden

Do you know that there is one garden where you just can’t access it if you are more than 12 years old? Situated in the Bukit Timah Core of the Singapore Botanic Garden, Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden is a place “only for kids”. This is the first time I heard of a “only children garden”. But do not fret adults, as long as you bring your children along, you can enter this kiddy garden!

IMG_0720 IMG_0718

I visited this garden with some of my younger cousins today and the garden is extremely interesting! We are greeted by a large sculpture “Children’s tree” at the entrance to the garden. Once you step into the garden you can see that almost everything are catered for children! Benches, tables and steps are all “miniaturized”, even the toilet bowls become “kid” size!

IMG_0713 IMG_0717

There are a lot of interesting plants in the garden, vegetables and fruit trees are planted for our younger ones to know where their food come from. Gardening themed playgrounds give the children a chance to try out their green fingers. There is even a maze made up of the “national hedge”, Syzygium Campanulatum!

IMG_0710 There is also a suspension bridge and a tree house within the garden, and my cousins were having lots of fun! The garden also included a “storybook” garden, made up of trees creating a tunnel to the other world. Children not only enjoy themselves there, they also learn a lot from the garden. How to water the plants, different types of plants and how photosynthesis works were presented in a very interactive and interesting way!


Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden is a must visit place for the younger ones and if you want to walk to the garden via the Tanglin Core, it might take a way to reach the other end of the Botanic Garden. The alternative and faster access is by Bukit Timah Road, right beside the NUS Bukit Timah Campus.

So remember to bring (or borrow 😛 ) children there or else you can’t get to see the amazing plants in the garden!

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