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Byblis liniflora, just like sundews, they produce sticky nectar to attract insects. They are native to Australia, but they do not belong to the same genus as sundews. They are also known as rainbow plants, as their dews glitter like gems under sunshine!

IMG_0725 IMG_0435

They also look like miniature Christmas trees! We can hang dead insects on their leaves as “decorations”! Growers also grow them for their purple flowers. Byblis is a collectors’ plant which you can’t find in our local nurseries. I got mine from a member in the Green Culture Singapore forum.


They are also water loving plants. So we grow them in a water tray to keep the media moist at all times. I will post again when they start flowering and I may have seeds in the future!

I will be having my exams this few weeks and I may not be able to post regularly. But stay tuned! I will try to post whenever I can!

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