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Nepenthes ampullaria ‘Harlequin’

I got this exotic plant from Borneo Exotics almost a year ago. It did not open new pitchers for me until only recently! I guess this particular cultivar is a extremely slow growing one. The ‘Harlequin’ produces just one leaf per month! This was also experienced by several growers too.


One of the main motivations to grow Nepenthes ampullaria is for their spectacular basal pitchers. They are one of the few species that are able to form carpets of basals! My first mature pitcher was from a basal offshoot. It takes around 3 months from the growing tip to become an opened pitcher!

IMG_0729 IMG_0730

Recently I realised my plant had somehow sped up in growing new leaves. This could possibly mean that the plant itself may take a year just to acclimatise to the growing conditions!


Ampullaria pitchers are one of my favorites. They look like  beautiful red apples! The purple and green speckles on their pitchers really make this plant a collector’s must-have! Stay tuned to my blog, I will be receiving another batch of pitcher plants and Cephalotus soon! I will post them up as soon as I received the shipment!

  1. islaverde
    November 25, 2008 at 10:42 am

    nice and well grown!

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