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Beautiful Nepenthes!

Remember the Nepenthes ‘Gardentech’ I bought from SGF 2008? It had been growing very vigorously for me. Producing a new leaf every week and there is always a red pitcher on every leaf! This wonderful hybrid can adapt to different conditions very well, my fellow gardeners also have great success with this plant.


                                                         Nepenthes ‘Gardentech’

The parent plants are N.ampullaria and N.ventricosa, which are the few most forgiving and easy to grow Nepenthes. The pitchers bear resemblance from their parent plants, which red colouration, squat and hourglass shape. Though the plant has yet reach maturity, the pitchers are still a sight to behold!

IMG_0177 IMG_0179

                   Red beautiful pitchers!                          A new unopened pitcher! 

Another plant is N.veitchii “Golden Peristome”, this particular plant can produce mature pitchers with a wide golden peristome. Considered as a intermediate plant, it can be adapted to highland and lowland conditions. The pitchers are big, and almost the same length as its leaves! The pitchers have  red colouration on the inner half of pitchers, which serve as a trapping mechanism by confusing their prey.

IMG_0223 IMG_0233

       Red top, green base!                                N. veitchii “Golden Peristome”

I am surprised that it is growing very well in my current conditions. My windowsill is very windy and humidity level can fluctuate tremendously. But the plant has been healthy and putting out a new leaf with a growing pitcher! For the usual case, I do not expect a newly acquired plant to grow healthy leaves for the first few leaves formed under my conditions, and yet this plant is giving me a new pitcher! Can you imagine the mature pitchers of this plant! I jus can’t wait for it to grow!

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