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Potting up a fussy guy…

Most people start out their carnivorous plants journey with the famous Venus Flytrap, then gradually advance to growing sundews. Some may got themselves into growing tropical pitcher plants, so after growing all these exotic plants, what’s next?

DSC00303 DSC00311

          My first Cephalotus                                                         Dried up!

I would say the Cephalotus. Cephalotus Follicularis is a special pitcher plant found only in Australia. They are the ultimate test for carnivorous plant gardeners. Growing them is no easy feat, gardeners need to apply all their gardening knowledge and experience in order to grow them well!

I had tried growing them before and the plant died on me in just a week! The problem was using the wrong potting media, the sand I used was unwashed and may contain some minerals which the Cephalotus dislike. The plant show no sign of growth and suddenly losing all their leaves and roots started to rot.


                                                Not giving up, my second Cephalotus

I decided to give them a shot again and got hold of this rare plant from my forum guru. It came in a 2-inch pot and it just look so beautiful that no carnivorous plant gardeners can resist! This time round, it survive more than 2 weeks in my growing conditions and still doing well. But their roots have started to wriggle their way out of the pot! Cephalotus is extremely fussy when their roots are disturbed and repotting them is a very delicate job.


I decided to take the risk and prepare the potting media. This time round, I am careful and take note of every detail and procedure of the repotting process. I slowly inch the plant out of its pot, holding the media together. But the media crumbles away when I almost got the entire plant out!

In the end I got the plant into the new pot, and hoping it will survive the ordeal. It looks great in its new pot!

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