There were times when you just can’t find any gardening hardware that suits your needs in any nurseries. The fitting, size and colour is not to your expectations and the staff told you that is the only kind they have!

I have been encountering such problems since day 1 of my gardening experience and I have to come out different ways to solve the problem. Instead of buying ready made hardware, I DIY some gardening hardware myself.

IMG_0482 IMG_0488

A common problem is plant racks as they can only fit when certain measurements are correct, the height of the hooks and length of the rack can be sometimes tricky. It is not easy to find one that fit your own need.

IMG_0489 IMG_0485 

I came out with my very own gardening rack, with all the measurements I need. The plant rack is made up of very simple and easily available materials. The construction of the rack is fairly simple. I used PVC pipe, cable casings, S-hooks and pot frames for this rack.

Mount the PVC Pipe with the S-Hooks and the pot frames will hook on to the pipe. Cable casings are attached to the base of the frames so to keep the frames upright, parallel to the ground. There you have it, a plant rack! This rack can be flexible, use a longer pipe if you want to put more frames on it.

IMG_0583 IMG_0585

                                                                    Modified Rack 

I came out with a modified version of the rack. Instead of the ugly sight if cable casings, I attached a section of PVC pipe to the bottom of the existing pipe and the frames will sit properly on the new structure! With a few screws and pipes, the entire masterpiece has become something you are proud of!

My article for Green Culture Singapore on this plant rack is on this link:…8_plantrack.pdf

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