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My Adenium finally flowered!!

Adeniums, commonly known as “Desert Rose” or 富贵花, is a common flowering plant in Singapore. Grown for their pretty blossoms, Adenium flowers are believed to bring good luck and prosperity as the name suggested. Gardeners also grow them for their enlarged caudex, the swollen twisted stem of the plant.


                    Adenium Flower                                        My Small Adenium Plant!

Native in arid habitats, this plant is drought resistant. Watering is needed only when the soil is dry… Overwatering will cause its enlarged caudex to rot. Their flowers come in many colours, red, white, pink or a mix of colours depending on the different cultivars grown by overseas nurseries. Some plants have grafted stems and therefore bearing different coloured flowers on the same plant!

IMG_0939 IMG_0946

               A full bloom of my Adenium!                      More flowers coming!

I got this Adenium a couple of years back. It was just a small seedling and only seedlings will develop the enlarged caudex. Grown in partial sunlight, this plant did not flower for me until recently, a dash of flowering fertilizers made them start growing buds! Adeniums prefer to grow under full sun for at least 6 hours a day and they will flower even they are 6 months old! Potting media is a draining mix of sand and burnt earth, fertilizers can be added every 2 weeks or so.

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