Growing Conditions

I have received numerous emails about growing conditions and I will dedicate this post to this very wide and important topic. Knowing the growing conditions of your plants is one of the key to growing beautiful and healthy plants. The plants in the correct conditions experience less stress and able to function properly.


There are basically 5 key growing conditions, light, water, humidity, potting media and feeding. By satisfying 4 out of these 5 conditions, your plants will be able to grow to its full potential! If you are good enough to get all 5 correct, plants will grow to perfection, more vigorous than those in the wild! In today’s post we will talk about light.

IMG_0889 DSC00082

Light is the primary energy source for plants. Without light, photosynthesis cannot be carried out and therefore food production stops. Different plants need different level of light, exposing to excessive light may cause “burns”. So how do we know how much light to provide?

We first need to find out the natural habitat of the plants. Plants in their natural habitats do not experience stress and they are in their perfect growing conditions. If the plants are found under the canopy of the tropical rainforest and therefore do not have access much direct sunlight, then we can deduce that these plants can do well under bright light or partial shade. Same goes for plants found in grasslands and constantly baking under the sun, it is best to grow these plants in full sunlight condition.

IMG_0886 IMG_0883

In this way, we have satisfied part of these growing conditions. But most of us live in high-rise apartments and do not have direct sunlight all the time. Therefore it is best to grow these plants under direct sunlight for at least 6 hours daily.

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