Watering is another important gardening task. Insufficient water will result in poor growth and eventually causing the plant to dry out. But that does not mean frequent waterings are needed! Overwatering may waterlog the potting media and root rot will set in.


So what is the best way to water plants? Many gardeners I met will tell me they water their plants twice a day, or on alternate days and the plants are growing very well! But this is definitely not the best way, as some gardeners who followed the water regime have their plants either dead or stunned!

IMG_0219This is simply because different gardeners have different growing conditions. Some may experience strong winds and water evaporate faster or the different potting mix have varying water retention capabilities! In order to decide how frequent one should water, one have to assess their growing conditions. Strong sunlight and windy conditions will cause the soil to lose its moisture at a faster rate than those under shade or indoors.

Some gardeners even invest in sophisticated apparatus to measure moisture in the soil. I personally think that there is no need for such expensive investments as one can simply stick their finger into the media and feel the moisture! If the soil feels dry, it will be time to water the plants. This takes some practice and soon your plants will never face problems with watering!

Growing conditions can vary over different period of time, therefore a fixed water regime is not the ideal method. Knowing one’s growing conditions is still the most important skill to master!

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