Flowering Hoya…

This Hoya obscura is a cutting I got from Wilson three months ago. I am surprised by this plant, although its a cutting, it flowers for me the third time! I potted it in an equal mix of long-fibre sphagnum and perlite, with watering every day.


                                                                               Hoya obscura

Just like it cousin Hoya lacunosa, the umbels of flowers resembles miniature Tu-Tu Kueh. The leaves are leathery and stiff.When grown under good sunlight, the leaves can bear a hint of red, which makes the plant look very attractive!

IMG_1078 IMG_1079

                  A pair of young leaves                                 Can you see the new shoot?

Also, the plant started to put out new shoots and leaves from the existing leaf nodes and even on the flower spike! Special thing about Hoyas is that new flowers will grow from the same flower spike over and over again, and after a long time the spike looks like cordyceps!

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