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Gardentech Talk on Sunday!


It was a busy Sunday at Hortpark and crowded with people! I was invited by the Community-in-Bloom team of NParks to talk about carnivorous plants. This time, my talk was held at the much bigger multi-purpose hall. Around 80 people attended my talk and many are interested in growing carnivorous plants.

 IMG_1283 IMG_1281

During the talk, I gave out copies of my two ebooks, one on carnivorous plants and another on starting your gardening hobby. I have given out free carnivorous plant seeds to those who participated during my quiz. Not only just carnivorous plant seeds, those who received my ebooks got a packet of seeds  (Star Glory, Ipomoea quamoclit).


Heartfelt thanks to Ai San and Cheryl, my friends from my ex-company to give me the necessary support I needed during the talk. Special thanks to Community-in-Bloom team of NParks and Mr Ng Cheow Keng for their wonderful logistic support. Thanks to Sandy and Cindy who provided the photos and plants for my talk!

IMG_1328 IMG_1330

It was a wonderful experience to see many like-minded people coming to this Gardentech event and learn more about gardening. There are also stores selling various plants and products which are new and innovative! Gardentech 2009 will end at 18th Aug (Tue). Do go down and experience it before it’s too late!

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