Dwarf Pineapple

Ananas nanus, commonly known as Dwarf Pineapple, can be an interesting plant to grow. Gardeners grow them for their flowers, which resemble  “mini” version of pineapples! I got mine as a baby pup from my Aunt’s flowering plant and it has been growing very well. I have put up a photo of this very plant in my earlier post. See how big it has grown!


Being in the same family of Bromeliads, they have rosettes of very stiff leaves with sharp edges, and therefore not suitable to grow beside a pathway. They are best grown under full sun and still do very well in bright light with occasional sun.


                      new pup!                                           New leaves in rossette arrangement

They produce offshoots, which emerge from the base, and these shoots can be separated to form new plants. Just like any other bromeliads, the plant will die away slowly after flowering. But in most cases, they have already produced many pups which are soon flowering!

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