Dendrobium Orchids

It seems like the flowering season of orchids has arrived! Two of my Dendrobium Orchids are putting out numerous flower spikes, turning my garden from a lush green setting to a colourful and vibrant garden! Both are hybrids and available at many nurseries around Singapore.

Plants001 Dendrobium hybrid with “antelope” flowers

Dendrobiums orchids are much easier to grow than their cousins, as they are more hardy and less fussy about their growing environment. Being epiphytic in nature, there is no need to worry about potting media! They typically enjoy lots of sunlight, although some may develop “burn” spots if introduced suddenly to high amount of light.


Flower spikes emerge from the pseudobulbs, usually between or at the sides of the leaves. Flowers that around 2 week to open and they will last for another 4 to 6 weeks.

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