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Community in Bloom Friends Induction Programme

NParks’ Community in Bloom Team organised another CIB Friends Induction programme on 14th Nov at Hortpark. I was invited by the team to share my experience as a volunteer for the past year. It was held early in the morning and I am glad that many had rose early on a Saturday morning for this programme!

The induction programme is organised to new volunteers where friends get to know more about the Community in Bloom Programme and how they can volunteer their time to promote gardening to the public. The event started off with a walkabout around various plots and gardens in Hortpark and it’s a good ice breaker for many of us here. We left out as small groups of strangers but we came back to the function room as a whole group of friends that seemed to know each other for some time!



Next, Lily and Maxel, both from the CIB team presented more information about NParks and the CIB friends programme. There were several questions asked and I can see the enthusiasm in our new friends. After the two presentations, I am up next to talk about my experience. I done up a few slides to showcase some of the projects and events I attended and also plants that I had grown in my community garden. I also brought some bean and carnivorous plant seeds for our friends to try growing. The event then concluded with a simple but delicious lunch where we further discussed and talked about our gardening experiences! Thanks Eleanor from CIB team for taking photos of me!

P141109_10.44[02] P141109_10.45

CIB Friends is an initiative which provides individuals opportunities to share their gardening passion and help others. CIB friends can contribute in various ways such as facilitating the setting up community gardens, conduct tours and gardening talks or even promoting gardening during exhibitions. Anyone can be a CIB friend, things you learnt through these activities are rewarding and useful. It’s a good chance for one to reach out to more people and gain more knowledge. I strongly encourage anyone, especially young people to take some time and promote gardening. Don’t worry about your limited gardening knowledge or experience. Just like me, started off with only passion!

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