Garden Surprise!

Despite the wet monsoon season, some of my plants are doing very well. They braved through the strong winds and extreme temperature drops, and still gave a spectacular show! Finally, my dwarf pineapple started flowering! In my previous entries, I was complaining of this oversized plant which still refuse to flower. I was surprised to find this new flower spike which will gradually colour up and in time for Chinese New Year!

decplants004 decplants006

New flower spike!

My Barbados Cherry shrub is now in another fruiting season, I guessed the fertilizers helped in some way. Flowers are still developing and that means more fruit to come! However, because of its pot size, it will not grow any taller anymore.

decplants007 decplants001

More juicy cherries                                                New seedlings 

Recently I sowed seeds of the Pomegranate plant (Punica granatum). I tried some experiments by soaking some of the seeds in salt water before sowing it in the new pot. The results – those seeds in salt water germinated faster than those did not! The seeds were from the giant sized pomegranate which you can find in supermarkets and I have no idea whether it will fruit for me. Since I am in good luck, why not grow it? It’s Dream and grow it isn’t it? 🙂

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