Propagating Sage…

After having some success of propagating herbs, I decided to try the more difficult ones. Sage is one of the fussy ones which my friends had trouble propagating them. Some had bought tens of cuttings and tried to root them in various methods. It was only recently when I heard from my friend, Wilson, who had successfully root a Sage cutting. I decided to try his approach and see whether it works for me.


Sage can be bought off the shelves in supermarkets. Remember to to buy those that are fresh and with stems. Although they are sold for culinary uses, they can be treated just like stem cuttings.



Here’s my set up: pot with draining fertile soil, scissors, my mini shovel and rooting powder. The lower leaves of the cutting are trimmed and the bigger leaves are halved. Most of such cuttings do not have the energy to maintain such big leaves and it will be better for the plant to channel more of its energy to develop roots. Also, make a slanted cut at the end of the stem so that water absorption can be made easier for the cuttings.


Lastly dip the cutting into the rooting powder, which will encourage the growth of the roots. It can be done without rooting powder however the chances of success is much lower. The last step is to plant the cutting into the pot and water. The soil need to be kept moist at all times. If the cuttings started to go limp, sit the pot in a shallow tray of water to perk it up again. Rooting is slow and it takes around a month or so to successfully root them. Let’s hope my sage will root this time! If you need more information in stem propagation, I had uploaded a video tutorial in my previous post of propagating rosemary.

  1. January 3, 2010 at 8:32 pm

    Wah you actually published what I taught you over the phone!

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