Successful Herb Propagation

Recently I started propagating three different herbs. Two of them being the easier ones, Oregano and Marjoram had successfully developed roots! These cuttings are bought off the supermarket’s refrigerated shelves which these herbs are used for culinary purposes. Marjoram was the first to root, all four cuttings survived the two week long rooting process in the potting mix of 1:1 perlite and vermiculite. The mix was kept wet all the time.

postxmas007 My propagating dish with Sage and Marjoram

At the initial stage when the cuttings were placed in the mix, they all went limp within the next hour and I admit they gave almost gave me a fright! Luckily they started to perk up and stay green and strong. No rooting powder was added to this method, which is different from the earlier post on propagating sage. In fact, I had some sage cuttings in this method too and they do better than the others in soil with rooting powder. However, they have yet to develop roots.

postxmas008 postxmas009

Roots developing using the perlite : Vermiculite potting mix 

My marjoram cuttings are now potted in the standard potting mix, 1:1 burnt earth and compost. They will be in under bright light for a day or two before I introduce them to their permanent spot with some direct sunlight.  

  1. Jill
    March 3, 2010 at 5:33 pm

    I am new to gardening esp herb. I re-pot basil, thyme and dill. And I guess I stressed them and they died the very next day.

    After reading you blog, I want to try my hand growing it again.

    I am curios, where can I buy the rooting powder ? And do you conduct classes ?

    Till I hear from you, happy gardening.


    • Richmond Tan
      March 5, 2010 at 6:07 pm

      Yes, the herbs must have been through some shock in the repotting process.
      Rooting powder is available in almost any nursery in SG.
      They are also available in supermarkets’ garden section. Keep a look out for small bottled containers or in packet form.
      They dont cost much and you can’t miss it. I am not currently having lessons, but it may be planned in the future, however I do conduct talks in public libraries, community centres and Hortpark. Do come back to my blog for updates.

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