Dwarf pineapple in bloom

It’s dwarf pineapple again! Some may feel so bored when I started to repeat such posts. However I had received countless of emails on this plant, many asked for their growing conditions and availability. Generally dwarf pineapple (Ananas nanus), requires at least 4-6 hours of direct sunlight to do well. Although this plant can be grown in bright light, the plant’s growth is generally slower than those under direct sunlight.

postxmas002 Purple flowers!

It has been an exciting week to see the flower spike started to blossom. Row by row from the bottom, the purple flowers started to emerge and bloom. These tubular white centered flowers add to the colourful display of the entire plant! The entire flower spike has red, green and purple colours!

postxmas001 Top view is just as spectacular!

The colours will fade away after all the flowers had bloomed, leaving a white pineapple fruit with green “top”. The green top can also be propagated into a new plant! Dwarf pineapple is definitely an interesting plant you can try to grow in your garden!

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