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Dairy Farm Nature Park

My friends and I made a trip down to the newly opened Dairy Farm Nature Park today. The Nature Park is located along Dairy Farm Road off Upper Bukit Timah Road. Formerly a dairy farm owned by Cold Storage, it was a farm of its kind nearest to the equator in the world and had attracted experts to study and learn its success.

dairy009 Wallace Education Centre, the restored cowshed

Now the cowshed had been converted into an education centre where visitors can learn more about the history of the farm and  the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. The main highlight of the park is the Singapore Quarry, located at the south western end. The view is simply breathtaking and majestic where I suddenly felt so small compared to the granite walls upon me!

dairy005 dairy012

Breath taking view of the Singapore Quarry

This abandoned quarry has now become home for many species of birds and plants including the critically endangered Little Grebe as well as other insects. The walking trails are very similar to those in Sungei Buloh Wetlands Reserve, paved with tar or granite chips. However, there are undulating grounds and slopes where one had to climb. Not too tiring though and definitely a good route for cross country runners.

dairy004 dairy011

       Endangered bird, Little Grebe

Along the way to the quarry, there are lots of interesting flora and fauna to look out for. We had seen lots of colourful butterflies and dragonflies around us and of course some monkeys known as the long-tailed macaques. We had also witness brightly coloured birds in small flocks around the quarry.

dairy008 dairy003

Dairy Farm Nature Park is place where one can go and experience something different from  the concrete jungle. The trek is not as time consuming as other nature reserves and one can easily leave the trail for a quick snack at the nearby Rail Mall. There are also tracks that will lead you out of the trail fairly quickly since the main roads are less than 5 mins walk away! Do take some time off to visit this new Nature Park!

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