Finally We have Chiku!

If I remembered correctly, I bought my Chiku plant (Manilkara zapota) 8 months ago and only recently it started to fruit. This tells me that my plant takes 8 long months to acclimatise to my growing condition! The previous flowering seasons did not produce any harvest for me as the flowers just wither away and usually there is less than 5 flowers every round of flowering.

IMG_1901Developing Fruit! 

Not long ago I decided to try my luck using some fruiting fertilizer, NPK (12:12:17 +2MgO), in the form of blue pellets. Guess what? It works like magic! The current round of flowering has more than 28 flowers! It’s probably due to the acclimatised plant and the additional boost of nutrients from the fertilizer.

IMG_1902 IMG_1903

Flowers and more flowers!

The fruit is developing slowly and I just can’t wait for it to ripe and taste my “fruit of labour”. Flowers of the Chiku plant  will emerge from the growing tips of the plant where new leaves are formed. Therefore, pruning your plant is not a good idea!

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