A Fertilizer Experiment

Not long ago, I met my neighbour who was watering her plants outside her house. Her plants are very healthy and have been giving out colourful blossoms all the time. It was only after a short discussion when I found out she had used “something” as fertilizer. I was awe-struck and surprised that this household ingredient can be used as fertilizers for plants!

The “secret” ingredient is MSG (Monosodium Glutamate) which is used as a taste enhancer in many of our dishes. Being so amazed with the results using MSG, I continued to find out more details. She was applying a teaspoon of MSG every 2 weeks for her plants in 6-inch pot. The MSG used in crystalline needle form which is sprinkled on the top soil before watering.

jan004 Pot fertilized with MSG on the left and control on the right

I decided to give it a try and added MSG to my “stubborn” plants. I had an experiment set-up of two groups of pomegranate seedlings and an Adenium plant which did not flower for at least half a year. A pot of seedlings are fertilized with a teaspoon of MSG every 10 days and the other is used as control.


Finally it bloomed!

After the 3rd round of fertilizing, there are significant results from the seedlings. It seemed that the seedlings with MSG are growing much faster than those without! How about the Adenium? It actually produces 3 blooms!… My friends had also joined in the MSG experiment and they had good results too. I wonder whether the MSG really helps and therefore we are still trying out with more plants.

If you are keen, you can try out with your plants but no guarantee yet! I have yet to find scientific proof on MSG and the accumulation of sodium in soil. If you decide to give it a try with your stubborn plants, remember to email me your results!!

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