Pineapple pups

Do you remember my dwarf pineapple? The fruit had grown too big that it started to tip over and snapped! So the plant is back to its usual “leaf-only” state, it will be another long wait before flowers start to emerge.


But this flower does not end its duty here. After months of showy flowers and ballooning fruit, it actually produced two pups! Pups are new leaf growth that can be removed and planted as another plant. Treating these pups as cuttings, these unrooted plants are coated with rooting powder and planted in the soil. Roots will gradually develop and the pup will start growing as another new plant!


So does that mean I got three plants? Nope, actually I had four! the other plant is the crown of the fruit, which I sliced off and planted as a cutting too. This is the way the pineapple growers do to propagate new plants! This crown cutting is much larger than the pups and I decided to transfer it into my community garden and see how it goes!

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