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Sundew seeds

April 22, 2010 Leave a comment

I harvested another batch of sundew seeds from my few pots of Sundews ( Drosera burmannii) Now with better photographing equipment, I am able to show you how the seeds will look like:

Drosera seeds 02

They are black elongated seeds with tapered ends, usually 20-40 seeds are developed in a seed pod. Unripe seeds are pale green in colour and not viable to germinate. However, seeds that are ripe have a long lifespan, I have germinated seeds which I harvest a year ago! Sundew seeds can stay viable for around 2 years, and of course chances of germination will be lower than those freshly harvested.

Drosera seeds 01

They are extremely small, a gust of strong wind or brushing the seed pods will send the seeds away, which is their way of propagation. They will take 2-4 weeks to germinate and you can expect them to be almost microscopic for the first leaves! In fact, they look like tiny green specks in the pot!

Seeds of this size make sowing fairly difficult. Unlike other seeds, we can organise and space them equally in the pot. However for sundew seeds, they are just too small for our fingers to space them out neatly. I can only arrange them properly when they had germinated and had a few leaves, which I use a tweezer to move them around before their roots had established into the media. It is no easy feat at all! You may just squished them into pulp if you applied too much pressure!



Have you seen Allamanda flowers before? I bet most people have seen them on Singapore pathways and road kerbs. They are green shrubs with attractive bright yellow flowers. Students may be able to identify them as they are introduced as poisonous plants in the science textbooks. The sap of the plant is poisonous and it is best to avoid physical contact with it.

IMG_2064Cream white Allamanda

Besides that, Allamanda makes a great choice for any flowering garden! Recently I made a trip to some local nurseries and I stumbled upon some nice looking Allamanda plants. They are not the usual species that are all around us, but they are another species with bigger flowers and come in other colours!

IMG_2061Red Allamanda!

There are flowers which are almost white in colour and some in pink to deep red! Allamanda is an easy to grow plants for a community garden. It prefers to grow in direct sunlight and therefore, may not be suitable for apartment growers. They are best grown in the ground instead of pots as they will outgrown their pots in a very short time! Do check out these beautiful plants in nurseries in Singapore!