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Singapore Garden Festival 2010

The Singapore Garden Festival is back again for the 3rd time! One of the largest gardening events in gardening, the festival showcases stunning theme gardens by the world’s finest landscapers. Plants from all over the world are gathered here, giving us a glimpse of some plants which we can never grow them in the tropical climate.


The festival occupies 4th and 6th levels of Suntec Convention Centre. Level 6 exhibition hall houses the landscape designs, lights and music creates the wonderful ambience as you walked around the exhibits. Unlike many of the flower and garden shows, Singapore Garden Festival is held indoors, fully air-conditioned and away from the tropical heat which may shortened the plants’ moment of glory.

IMG_5942 IMG_6002

Level 4 is the home of the orchids. Singapore Orchid Show not only showcases locally grown orchids, but also other species from other countries like Papua New guinea and Taiwan. There are also rare orchids all the way from South America which many of the serious gardeners dream to own one of them.

IMG_6055 IMG_6076

Also community gardening takes up a fair area of the exhibition hall, showcasing gardens done up by hobbyists who gathered together in their neighbourhood to do gardening. Although not as spectacular as the theme gardens, community gardens have large varieties of plants which many will enjoy growing. Gardeners are also there to provide gardening tips and share their gardening experiences with the public.

And of course the market place, not only local nurseries have brought beautiful plants for sale, but also foreign nurseries which promoted plants which are suitable to grow in our climate. Apart from plants, gardening hardware and hardscapes are also sold in the marketplace. The highlight of the market place is the garden supermarket! Not only did the supermarket sell veggies and fruits, it also put up a display of the fruiting plants and vegetables. The elaborate set up has many varieties of plants which bear fruits which the public can get up close to.

IMG_5940 IMG_5934

The Singapore Garden Festival is not only an event to showcase stunning gardens and rare plants, but also to promote gardening and educate the public that growing plants can be exciting and rewarding regardless of age, gender and knowledge!

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