Stretched leaves

Many gardeners have approached me with their plants during an informal sharing session. I was pretty shocked to see many of their herbs have somehow looked different. Instead of the usual compact and bushy rosemary or oregano, their plants are long, with leaves far apart from one another.

IMG_2292 Inadequate light leads to viney plants such as this oregano 

This is a problem with the growing conditions. Remember my previous posts, growing conditions will determine the success of your gardening hobby and juggling them well may be challenging for the amateurs. However, most plants are forgiving and can adapt themselves to the growing conditions. The five main growing conditions are light, water, humidity, temperature and feeding.

                  IMG_2294 IMG_2295

Stretched leaves of Oregano (left) compared to healthy compact Rosemary

The stretched leaves are due to the inadequate amount of light. Most herbs are actually sun loving plants and to reach for more light, they have to grow taller and longer with lesser leaves. However in Singapore’s tropical climate, more light usually means higher temperature which is why not all herbs can be grown here.

Many of the common culinary herbs such as rosemary, oregano, sage, marjoram and mint can be grown easily. They are hardy and less fussy of their growing conditions.These herbs will require at least 4 to 6 hours of direct sunlight everyday.

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