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Idea for pitcher plants!

Many woul think that tropical pitcher plants, Nepenthes, may not be the best candidate to beautify your home. Well, just a bit of gardening skills and being adventurous, they can make good houseplants too!

The previous post I worte was about Borneo Exotics’ Biodome, a plastic container with sponge, provides the necessary growing conditions for them to grow well in different settings and environments. However, they may not be aesthetically pleasant, so they can be removed and potted in glass bowls. With decorative terrarium materials, I have managed to create something close to their natural habitat.


With pumice and pebbles as potting media at the bottom, which will served as the reservoir for the attached wick which came together with the biodome. All I need to do is to set the plant together with the sponge collar and top up with pumice and pebbles, making sure that the wick is able to reach into the pool of reservoir. Viola! its done!.


The glass bowl will act just like the biodome, trapping the much needed humidity and at the same time allowing adequate sunlight to reach the plant. It’s been a week, and looks like the pitcher plant looks happy!

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