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Now on Facebook!

January 12, 2012 Leave a comment

Recently I added a Talks & Workshops page on Facebook. I had many requests asking to form a gardening talk around 20 members and many can’t gather enough enthusiasts to start. So I hope this page will provide an alternative platform for such coordination. Everyone can express their interests, and also decide the venue for the talks.


I will also add photos and tips every now and then, not a lot of words but bite size chunks that will help in your everyday gardening! See you there!

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Terrarium Workshop

January 8, 2012 Leave a comment

I have recently conducted a Terrarium workshop for my colleagues and it has proved to be fun and enriching. Everyone was so satisfied with their creations and wanted more of such workshops in the future!

The workshop started with an in-depth understanding of terrariums and how everything is put together. I went on to talk about the different potting mixes to be used, to selecting and arranging plants. These knowledge are important to maintain a terrarium and definitely equipped you the right skills to create terrariums of any sizes!



The highlight of the workshop is the hands-ons session! I have also gathered the necessary materials for all participants and guided them step by step, to create a simple terrarium. Some who are more creative and adventurous, even tried their own design and they looks really good!

It was an enjoyable session, as there were lots of interaction among one another. Not only it is to learn something new, in fact it also helps in team building too!

I am planning to open up this workshop to anyone who are interested in making terrariums. Just gather a small group (not more than 10) and we can arrange something. I will provide the materials needed and everyone will walk home with their own terrarium!