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Dendrobium Orchids

September 9, 2009 Leave a comment

It seems like the flowering season of orchids has arrived! Two of my Dendrobium Orchids are putting out numerous flower spikes, turning my garden from a lush green setting to a colourful and vibrant garden! Both are hybrids and available at many nurseries around Singapore.

Plants001 Dendrobium hybrid with “antelope” flowers

Dendrobiums orchids are much easier to grow than their cousins, as they are more hardy and less fussy about their growing environment. Being epiphytic in nature, there is no need to worry about potting media! They typically enjoy lots of sunlight, although some may develop “burn” spots if introduced suddenly to high amount of light.


Flower spikes emerge from the pseudobulbs, usually between or at the sides of the leaves. Flowers that around 2 week to open and they will last for another 4 to 6 weeks.


My Garden!!

It’s been some time since I last talk about my garden… Well, there are new additions to my already crowded garden and many of them are flowering too! My latest addition is the Star Glory (Ipomoea quamoclit). This vining plant produce small red star-shaped flowers but mine has yet to bloom. I attached a very long string for it to climb and within a week, it had already hit the top of the ceiling! The leaves looked special and resemble palm leaves. From the information I gathered, this particular plant can climb to a height of 6 metres!

IMG_1081 IMG_1101

Ipomoea quamoclit

Remember my cherry plant (Malpighia glabra)? They are fruiting like no tomorrow and this time round the fruits turned burgundy red! They fruit in bunches of two and three and definitely a very beautiful sight to behold!  Some of my friends who visited even tasted these sour but full of vitamin C fruits!

IMG_1096 IMG_1099

Malpighia glabra 

My Desert Rose (Adenium obesum) is going for a second round of flowering and this time even more spectacular. The flowers are arranged in an encircled manner and flowers point to all directions! It has been a year or so without flowers but the wait is definitely worth it!

IMG_1106 IMG_1104

 Adenium obesum

My signature plant, the Flamingo Flower (Anthurium andraeanum) is still at its best condition, keeping the constant number of ten flowers for at least a year! There are new shoots and growing fast, even some have started to flower!

IMG_1107 IMG_1109


I got some orchids flowering too! Two of my mini Dendrobiums are putting out flowers now and add to the already very colourful garden! Their coloured and patterned blooms brings more exciting colours and you can’t resist not looking at them.

IMG_1110 IMG_1112

Rosemary                                           Nepenthes veitchii

My rosemary plant is growing taller and bushier now. Every time I am watering plants, the fragrance of this plant can be even detected at a further distance! And brushing your hand against the leaves will leave a strong aroma that lingers around you for a long time!


Finally my carnivorous plants, strong winds have resulted in strong fluctuations in humidity makes the plants grow slower and losing quite a number of pitchers. But my Nepenthes veitchii is still growing strong putting out the biggest pitcher for me! Soon, the monsoon season will come and this beautiful sight may not last long. So I have been spending more time admiring my plants before it is too late!!

Orchid Blooms

September 24, 2008 Leave a comment

It is always fascinating to see orchids blooming. Their flowers are very striking and colourful! They come in all sorts of colours from elegant white to furious red and yellow. But most orchids do not bloom all year round, they only bloom during a certain period where the conditions are just right. When they are not blooming, they grow leaves and roots, therefore this period is also known as photo period.


Personally, my family and I enjoy orchid flowers. So I only have a small collection of orchids which will bloom all year round, or at least most of the time. Dendrobium orchids are orchids with short photo period and long flowering period. Their flowers are of medium size and you can find these flowers in almost every florist in Singapore.

They are relatively easy to grow as they are very hardy and forgiving. Dendrobiums develop pseudobulbs, which are stem-like structures where the leaves grow in alternate directions. A mature Dendrobium can grow to a height of 50cm.

DSC00118 DSC00119

I also own other species of orchids like the Renthera Singaporeanis. They are sun-loving plants and they can grow more than a metre tall. Although they have smaller flowers, but their flower spikes will bear more than twenty flowers! They don’t bloom as often as Dendrobiums but their flowers last for a longer time.

My colleagues also gave me a Phalaenopsis orchid, which is commonly known as ‘Moth Orchid’. They bloom annually, when the temperature is low and humid, which is extremely hard in SIngapore climate. After 3 years, my Phalaenopsis did not bloom for me at all. They are best grown in air conditioned rooms like orchids or cool room, where the temperature is ideal for them.


Phalaenopsis blooms are magnificent! They have a pair of enlarged petals on the sides which resemble the wings the moth. Their flowers are huge and can class for a long time! What a sight to behold, but getting them to bloom in our climate is not an easy task.

Some orchid species are very rare and expensive. If you like to try growing orchids, get some easy ones like Dendrobiums. They will flower regularly when they acclimatised themselves to the growing conditions. They will grow more roots and leaves when you first bought it. When they start to flower, don’t turn the orchid around! The flowers grow towards the sunlight, turning them will make their blooms look messy.

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